Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
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#CelebrityAircraft MakeAircraft ModelTail
101Dillards Dept StoresLearjet45N917BD
103Doctor PhilCessnaT210NN9561Y
104Don BarnesIsrael Industries1124N600NY
105Donald TrumpSikorskyS-76BN76DT
106Donna Karen (Designer)GulfstreamG-IVN211dk
107Doshier John RCessna650N85WT
108Douglas L. WilliamsGrummanG-44AN86631
109Dr. Dennis M. HopeCessna310NN5053Q
110Dr. PhilGulfstreamG-1159AN3DP
111Dr.Carsten OestmannBeechB90N43MB
112Drew JacksonCessna560N17TX
113Duraflame IncCessna650N907DF
114Dutch BrosCessna421CN269C
115EbayGulfstreamGV-SP (G550)N159JA
116Ed DufresneCessna500N610ED
117Eddie DebartoloLearjet31AN1ED
118Edward NortonMauleM-4-220CN2065U
119Elliott SadlerCessna650N119ES
120.FlightstarFlightstar IIN610RP
122Elvis PresleyConvair22n880ep
123Emerson FittipaldiGulfstreamG-IIIN500EF
124Eric ClaptonFairchild DornierDornier 328-300n419fj
126Ernie ElsGulfstreamG-IVN526EE
127Eugene NockBell47G-3B-1N500EN
128Featured In Book "The Chromodynamics War"MauleM-7-235N90KD
129Featured In S3, Ep1 Of The Tv Show Wkrp In CincinattiWacoUmfN14041
130Federico Muniz MorenoLearjet60N601GG
131FordDehavillandDHC-2 MK. I(L20A)N28s
133Frank SinatraRaytheonC90AN22FS
134From The Heart Church MinistriesGulfstreamG-1159AN357PR
135Fuzzy ZoellerDassaultFalcon 10N303FZ
136Gary HoltPiperPA-22-108N5725Z
137Gene HaasDassaultFalcon 20-F5N500NH
138George A SwitlykCessna310QN3tq
139George Buch Sr.HawkerC90GTIN12
140George MichaelGulfstreamG-VN16NK
141George StraitBombardierBD-100-1A10N518GS
143Gordon GettyBoeing727-17N311AG
144Gordy GermanyBeech58N58TG
145Greg BiffleCessnaT210Ln9ed
146Greg MinksRaytheon390N390GM
147Greg Powe MinistriesRockwellNA-265-60N141SL
149Hal FishmanBeechB36TCN18499
150Harley DavidsonBombardierBD-100-1A10N80HD
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Please submit any known celebrity aircraft. If you have pictures that you are willing to share, upload them and I will post them after a review. We have no way of knowing for sure about the accuracy of the information posted, if you see something you know to be incorrect, be sure to let us know.